Membership Categories

The membership categories offered by the Property Institute of New Zealand are below. Click on any category to learn more about it.

To find out more about membership categories at the Property Institute, email

Student Member

Student membership is available to students studying towards a property focused qualification.

There is no charge for students studying at least two papers per semester.

You can apply by emailing

Graduate Member

Graduate membership is available at a reduced rate to those who have graduated from a Property Institute accredited qualification in the past two years.

The application form for graduate membership is here.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership is open to anyone who is actively involved in providing professional services to the property industry (a Property Institute accredited qualification is not required).

The application form for affiliate membership is here.

Full Member (MPINZ)

Full membership is available to members who have two years of full time work experience and two years of Continuing Professional Development. A full member must also provide three referees, of which two must be Institute members.

Full membership grants voting rights on the member, and allows the use of MPINZ as post nominals.

The application form for full membership is here.

Registered Member

A registered member is a full member who has gained registration with either the Property Institute Board or the Valuers Registration Board. To gain registration, the member must have been a full member for at least twelve months prior to application, have complied fully with the Institute's CPD program, and satisfy the board that they are a suitable candidate for registration.

The Valuers Registration Board provides a manual on the requirements for registration as a valuer, which is available here.

Registration must be renewed annually. Click here for renewal form

The application form for registration with the Property Institute is available here. The application form for registration as a Valuer with the Valuers Registration Board is available here.

ANZIV (Valuers Only)

ANZIV can be applied for by a registered valuer one year after the granting of registration.

The application form for ANZIV is here.

Senior Member (SPINZ)

Senior membership is available to those members who have been a member of the Institute for at least six years, have gained registration with either the Valuers Registration Board or the Property Institute Board, have at least eight years of post qualification work experience, and have held a senior position within the property industry for at least three years.

The application form for senior membership is here.


Fellowship is bestowed upon long serving members of the Institute who have made an exceptional contribution to the profession. Fellows are nominated by the community and awarded fellowship status at the Institute annual conference.

Life Member

Life membership is granted at the discretion of the Institute Board, either on the proposal of a member or on its own initiative. There are a limited number of life members at any one time.

Honorary Fellow

Similar to life membership, honorary fellowship is granted at the discretion of the Property Institute Board, and it can be granted to those outside of the profession who have made an exceptional contribution to the Institute and the property industry.