Careers in Property

“Planning for your future is a big deal. We can help you to choose the property career that’s right for you”

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A career in property opens up a world of choices.

Property is extremely wide and diverse, with an enormous array of different careers within the industry. Property skills are generally easily transferrable from one property profession to another. Earning potential is excellent and hard work is typically rewarded.

A career in property offers

  • Travel Potential
  • Global Demand
  • Good Salaries
  • Lifestyle flexibility
  • Work Variety
  • Multiple Career Pathways
Allow you to enjoy a creative, rewarding and challenging lifelong career

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Property offers many career pathways. Click here to find out more about 4 that we can help you with straight away

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Property Professionals earn good starting salaries and can expect to see their income increase throughout their careers. Click to find out more

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Lincoln, Auckland and Massey Universities all offer Property Degrees. Click here to find out more about what each one offers